It´s the talk of the town

It´s the talk of the town
Stuttgarter Dixieland Allstars

Down in Honky Tonk (Smith-McCarron) 4:10
Aunt Hagar´s Blues (W.C. Handy) 5:50
Potato Head Blues (L. Armstrong) 4:11
What a wonderful world (Weiss-Thiele) 3:31
Someday you´ll be sorry (L. Armstrong) 6:19
Martinique (Wilbur de Paris) 5:07
Hotter than that (Lil Hardin) 3:42
Black and Blue (Waller/Razaf) 5:39
Weary Blues (Matthews/Greene/Cates) 4:36
Gee, Baby, ain´t I Good to you (D. Redman) 2:40
Once in a while (Butler) 4:46
It´s the talk of the town (Livingstone-Symes-Neiburg) 5:20
On a slow boat to China (F. Loesser) 3:55
Bed and Breakfast (P. Lange) 5:06
From Monday on (Barris/B. Crosby) 4:04

Peter "Sputnik" Lange (tp)
Alexander Katz (tb)
Peter Lamparter (cl)
Harald Schwer (p)
Jochen Lamparter (bj, git)
Jan Jankeje (b)
Werner Braun (dr)

Rec.:HOFA Karlsdorf 1.11.2002